Non Plus Ultra’s Top 10 Events of 2019

Happy New Year from NPU! The future is looking bright, and we’re excited about it! And what better way to get ready for a great year ahead than to take a look back and see what we did last year? Follow along as we recall the top 10 events to be held at venues activated by Non Plus Ultra in 2019.

10) A Swinging New Years Eve at The San Francisco Mint | January 2019

What better way to start the new year than with a burlesque themed New Years Eve party? This event was wild from start to finish, complete with live entertainment, and amazing food.  It was so poppin’, it started in 2018 and ended in 2019.

9) Wedding Trade Show at the Palace Of Fine Arts | March 2019

This trade show was dedicated to helping future couples plan their dream weddings. To add to the magic of this already dazzling event, NPU held a giveaway for a $50,000 dream wedding. One lucky couple won the opportunity to get married at The San Francisco Mint, courtesy of Non Plus Ultra.

8) An Admin Dinner at The San Francisco Mint | April 2019

Admin Dinner Event at the San Francisco Mint

Hosted at The San Francisco Mint, our attendees were in for quite a treat. Upon arrival, guests were invited to take pictures in our “selfie rooms,” which were all located in different vaults and event rooms in The Mint. Visitors were also able to sit down, unwind, and enjoy a drink in our relaxing lounge areas. Once everyone was finished with their drinks and photo shoots, guests were then seated for dinner in one of The Mint’s lovely ballrooms, where they enjoyed scrumptious seared halibut and spring lamb entrees, along with delicious starters and desserts that were all provided by The Midway Catering.

7) NPU Kids Carnival at the Palace Of Fine Arts | May 2019

The NPU Kids Carnival was definitely our biggest and most exciting event of April. This free community event had nearly 4,000 people show up throughout the day. We had families from all over the Bay Area and beyond show up to have a day filled with fun and laughs. Between games and activities, we had something to do for the whole family!

6) Rooftop Party at SVN West | July 2019

Nothing says California like a rooftop party during the summer. This event had live music, dancing, and an amazing view of downtown San Francisco from the roof of SVN West.

5) A Day of Volunteering at SVN West | September 2019

A volunteer event at SVN West

Participants of this event were invited to spend the day volunteering and spending time together to honor those lost in the horrific events of September 11, 2001. NPU was happy to be a part of this event along with all of the other amazing companies in the Bay Area.

4) A Day Dedicated to the Ladies at SVN West | September 2019

In an effort to empower women in the workforce, this event encouraged women to follow their dreams and make decisions that will help them succeed in life. Attendees were treated to guest speakers with helpful information, tasty snacks, and a day full of women supporting women.

Read more about the women of NPU HERE.

3) Terror Vault at The San Francisco Mint | October 2019

Our annual Terror Vault attraction was back this year, and it was scarier than ever. Attendees were invited to venture through the vaults of the San Francisco Mint on a thrilling journey to escape. And speaking of escape, we introduced our brand new Apocalypse laser tag escape room, which was the best treat to happen to Halloween since candy was invented.

2) Launch Party at San Jose Armory | October 2019

This event was the very first event to be held at the San Jose Armory since it was activated by NPU. Guests were treated to live music, great food, and the chance to enjoy being some of the first people to enjoy the newly renovated San Jose Armory.

1) Medieval Themed Holiday Bash at Pier 80 | December 2019

When it comes to the Bay Area, there’s no event that’s too out-of-the-box, that’s why we helped a corporate client throw the most on point medieval party that California has ever seen. This party was held at pier 80 in San Francisco, which is a location NPU activated especially for this event. This party was unique from start to finish. From the venue to the theme, this party was one that guests will never forget.