The Ultimate Staycation

How to Have a Great Vacation from the Comfort of Your Home 

We’re all stuck at home for the foreseeable future, and that isn’t great, but staying home doesn’t have to be all that bad. Check out these fun things you can do to make this the best staycation, ever! 

Staycation Option 1: Go to A Theme Park 

As we all know, there are tons of places to visit on vacation, but did you know that you can visit a good amount of those places virtually? It’s true! Take theme parks for example. We all know and love them, and we can still love them from the comfort of our own homes. Just think of which park you want to visit, break out your computer, and get ready to have fun! 


If you’re looking to visit the Happiest Place on Earth, look no further than trusty old YouTube. You can take a WALK around the park, and even go on some RIDES. And don’t forget the snacks! You can find tons of Disney Park RECIPES online. So grab a churro and take a walk down Mainstreet USA, and be sure to stop off in Toontown and say hi to Mickey for us! 

And just because we’re mentioning Disneyland, that doesn’t mean you can’t virtually visit Walt Disney World if that’s more your vibe. Find links HERE and HERE for Walkthroughs and Rides. 

Universal Studios Orlando 

Maybe you’re not a Disney person at all, maybe you’re more of a Universal Studios person, and that’s ok! Much like the Disney parks, you can visit the Universal parks online. There are tons to do at Universal Studios, so you certainly won’t get bored! Take a WALK through the park and hop on some RIDES, and while you’re traveling through the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, be sure to grab yourself a BUTTERBEER.  

And of course, if Universal Orlando isn’t for you, you can find Walkthroughs and Rides for Universal Hollywood HERE and HERE.  

Staycation Option 2: Visit A Museum 

Some of you may not want to visit a theme park at all. Maybe you’d like to spend your staycation expanding your horizons. If that sounds like something that interests you, check out this LIST of museums that you can visit virtually. Or if you’d like to spend your staycation creating art and not just admiring it, you can find college level art classes HERE

Staycation Option 3: At Home Sports 

Video Games

If you’re someone that likes to stay active on your vacation, then we have a solution for you! You can find tons of GAMES that will keep you moving. With games becoming more and more advance every day, these games will make you feel like you’re playing the real sport.  

Backyard Sports

Or, if you feel like you need some fresh air (and who doesn’t right now), you can set up your own backyard SPORTS area.  

Spending all your time at home may seem boring, but that’s only if you choose to make it boring. Use our guide to create the perfect staycation and keep yourself entertained for a while!