The Holidays Are Coming!

What Kind of Holiday Party Should You Throw?

The holidays are coming, and it’s time to start planning your company’s highly anticipated Holiday Party. With all of the different theming possibilities out there, it can be difficult to nail down the perfect one for your company. Read on to learn about some awesome themes we’ve seen over the years, and let us help you decide what theme you should choose for your corporate holiday get-together.

Here at Non Plus Ultra, we’ve seen a lot of different kinds of holiday events over the years. From traditional Christmas celebrations to fantastical fairyland extravaganzas, and everything in between. If it’s been done, we’ve been a part of it.

When choosing the perfect theme for your function, it is important to take a few specific things into consideration, one of those things being the culture of your workplace. What is the atmosphere in your office? Is it playful? Relaxed? Serious? Once you have this figured out, you’ll be able to better understand what your coworkers expect when it comes to office gatherings.

What Kind of Event Should You Have?

If you’re looking to have a more serious and elegant gathering, then consider a traditional Christmas party. Nothing says Christmas like a carefully decorated tree and some immaculately decked halls.

Maybe you want to throw a party that’s a little less Christmas, and a little more winter. If that’s the vibe you’re after, look no further than a ski lodge paradise.

If it’s playful you’re looking for, then consider throwing a Wonderland themed party. Your office will enjoy having a night out where they’re encouraged to be a little silly. With the right décor, your party will look like a whole new world.

Or if you’re looking for something extra immersive, throw a medieval themed party, complete with a giant thrones and banquet hall seating for all.

When choosing a party theme, the more imaginative, the better. Ready to book your holiday event now? Let us know how we can help, because at NPU, it’s what we do.