Stay Home and Be Productive

We’re well into March 2020, and so far, this year has been… interesting. You all know what we’re talking about; COVID-19. Since everyone’s stuck at home for a few weeks, we thought it would be the perfect time for everyone to start doing the things they’ve always wanted to do but haven’t had time for. Well, now everyone has plenty of time, so it’s time to get to work! There are tons of things to do, so check them out below and get ready to get to work.  


Between work, school, life, and all the other factors that get in the way, many people claim that they don’t have time to exercise. It makes sense, we’re usually so busy all the time; who wants to spend an additional 30 minutes working out? Well, now we have a lot of time, so it’s a good time to find a workout routine you like and stick to it. You can find workouts anywhere online. YouTube, for example, has a ton of free workouts that you can watch. Because of the current stay-at-home order in many areas, a lot of workout apps and websites are offering free memberships so that you can stay fit and save some money. Check out a list of offers HERE


As of March 19th, it’s officially Spring! Since we’re all stuck at home, what better time to start clearing out our houses of clutter? This is the perfect opportunity to start in one area of your house and thoroughly clean until you get through your entire house. You can clean out closets, dust your entire house, mop/vacuum your floors, and do all the housework that people often usually don’t have time to do. This is our chance to get our houses spick and span, that way when we all go back to work (eventually), we’ll at least have clean houses to come home to! Check out some tips and tricks for cleaning your house HERE

Pick Up A New Hobby 

Now is the perfect opportunity to pick up a new hobby. Have you been wanting to learn how to cook? Well check out THESE online cooking classes and get started on your next great culinary masterpiece! 

Or maybe you’ve been looking to read a new book or two. Check out THIS list of popular books that’ll keep you busy for a while.  

If you have some colored pencils, paint and paint brushes, or anything of the sort, then you have a great opportunity to improve your art skills! Grab your art supplies and check out THESE online art classes.  

Learn a Language 

Now’s a good opportunity to learn a new language, especially if you’re planning on traveling to a foreign country as soon as we’re all allowed to leave our houses. Check out THESE websites to help you start your journey into becoming multi-lingual. Have fun, and buena suerte (good luck)! 

We know times are difficult right now, but here at NPU, we’re remaining optimistic. We can get through this as a community, and the best thing for everyone in the community to do right now is stay home if you can and show support for the essential workers who can’t.