NPU: In Case you Missed It…

Catch Up On What You Missed Between September 2019 – December 2019

NPU has been working hard to make sure we end this decade on a good note. With all of the extraordinary events we’ve been a part of, it’s pretty clear that this one is going to be a decade that we all remember.

Create & Cultivate’s San Francisco Conference

One of the most exciting events we were a part of was Create & Cultivate’s San Francisco Conference. This event was held at SVN West, and was an event that inspired women to feel empowered in the work force. This event was so successful, our female staff was even featured on the Create & Cultivate blog! Read more about the ladies of NPU HERE.

Some of our staff were able to attend this event, and it was definitely all we anticipated it would be. SVN was decked out from top to bottom with activities and panels with helpful women looking to advance their careers. Panels featured guest speakers, such as Jenna Dewan, and Kourtney Kardashian. Each panelist offered advice to the audience on what it takes to get your feet off the ground in the business world. They discussed their own lives, and how they were able to make it to the top.

New Venue in San Jose, CA

In the spirit of feeling inspired, NPU found the motivation we needed to open up a brand-new venue in San Jose, CA, when we were given the chance by Urban Community to activate the San Jose Armory. This space is our first in the East Bay, but it certainly won’t be our last.

Our first event at San Jose Armory was with Content Magazine, who hosted their November pick-up party at the venue. This event was a great way to introduce the community to the San Jose Armory, and to introduce ourselves as a company, and a new member of the San Jose community. Guests were offered live music, delicious food, and a party they won’t soon forget.

Terror Vault at the San Francisco Mint

In addition to opening up a new venue, we also brought back our annual haunted attraction, the Terror Vault, which was held at The San Francisco Mint. This event was spookier than ever with the addition of our new Apocalypse attraction.

As always, this event was made possible by the dynamic duo of Peaches Christ and David Flower, who both worked endlessly to create an event that they knew thrill-seekers would enjoy. Even though bringing an entirely new attraction into the mix proved to be no easy feat, Peaches and David pulled it off with ease, creating what turned out to be the best Halloween event in the Bay Area.

That’s what you missed between September and December 2019, to see the cool things we do as we do them, follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Or if you’re interested in hosting an event with us, Contact us by clicking HERE.