Get to Know Our Venues

Retired Spaces 

We have a lot of event venues in the Non Plus Ultra portfolio, all of which come with a rich history. Get to know our venues like you never have before! This week take a walk down memory lane as we look at some of our retired spaces. This brief history includes information about Pier 70, The Myriad, and Oddjob. 

Pier 70 

Pier 70 will always hold a special place in our hearts. Why? Because it was NPU’s first venue! Back in 2013, a venue was needed for a Salesforce event. That’s when Jordan Langer and team stepped in to save the day (and the party). Then after that, a space was needed for a fun, over-the-top Super Bowl party. Jordan and team were able to find the space, obtain all the necessary permits for the event, clean up the space to meet city standards, and pull off the best Super Bowl 50 party held in the Bay Area, complete with a concert from Pharrell and Dave Matthews Band.  

After that, Pier 70 brought in tons of other big-name events, including a guest appearance by Snoop Dogg himself. After 4 years of hosting huge events, Pier 70 retired in 2017. 

The Myriad 

The Myriad wasn’t just a bar or restaurant, it was an entire dining experience. When going to the Myriad, you could expect to find great food from the Antonik’s BBQ stall, fantastic coffee from The Cro Café, and amazing cocktails from Mrs. Jones, named after husband restaurant Jones.  

The Myriad was a one-of-a-kind marketplace where people could go to unwind and have a good time with friends and family. The space retired in 2018 to make room for medical offices. 


Oddjob is our most recent retiree, closing up shop once and for all in 2018. This quirky hot spot was located on the 1300 block of Mission Street and it was the home to some of the wackiest décor in the Bay Area. It was called Oddjob, after all. The most notable thing about this bar was the attention to detail that was put into creating the perfect cocktail, and all while using classic methods.  

Oddjob was a mix of funky and different, and that’s what made it such a charming place to visit.  

While these spaces are no longer for events, we still have a ton of VENUES that are. If you’re interested in hosting an event at a Non Plus Ultra venue, let us know HERE.