Get to Know Our Venues

The Midway, Jones, and BIIG 

We have a lot of event venues in the Non Plus Ultra portfolio, all of which come with a rich history. Get to know our venues like you never have before! This week get to know a few of our smaller spaces. This brief overview includes information about The Midway, Jones, and BIIG. 

The Midway 

If you want to have a good time in a unique environment, then The Midway is the place for you. The Midway invites guests to use all thier senses. You can view (and sometimes touch) the art in The Midway Gallery, smell and taste the amazing food at The Midway’s café, and listen to the sounds of the poppin’ musical acts that regularly play there.  


Jones is located the historic Gaylord Hotel in San Francisco. Founded in 2009, Jones was opened when founder, Peter Glikshtern learned that the lower level of the building had been vacant for a long time. The Gaylord hotel was designed by architect H. C. Baumann in 1929. It was inspired by the show buildings that were constructed in San Diego for the 1915 Panama-California Exposition. As a way to pay homage to the original architect’s design, Jones was designed to feature Spanish Colonial Revival elements throughout, mainly in the form of custom metal work that can be found from the front door to the back of the restaurant.  


BIIG may seem like a place where you can hold large gatherings, but it‘s actually quite the opposite! With a max capacity at a little over 30 people, BIIG is, ironically enough, our smallest space. And while the bar itself may be small, the attention to detail is not. With handcrafted woodwork featured throughout, this unique space is perfect for small gatherings.  

At Non Plus Ultra, we know that not all events are going to be huge, that’s why we love our variety of intimate spaces. While some are smaller than others, they’re all perfect for get-togethers that aren’t for 10,000+ guests. 

If you’re interested in hosting an event at The Midway, Jones, or BIIG, send us a message HERE