California is Shutting Back Down, What Does That Mean for You?

If you’re currently living and/or working in California, then you know that our originally scheduled phased reopening has hit a roadblock, per an announcement made by California Governor Gavin Newsom last week. To sum it up for you, indoor dining is out allowed in any California county, and all indoor activities of any sort must stop in “watchlist” counties in the state. So what does this news mean for you and your business?  

Indoor Dining 

Most counties in California have started opening up. Here in San Francisco, we were slated to begin  indoor dining beginning on July 13th, but that was cancelled On July 6th. So for San Francisco, this ban doesn’t affect us much, but for other counties that were beginning to open their dining rooms back up, they now have to shut them back down.  

Outdoor Dining 

Outdoor dining will still be allowed in some counties, so restaurants that have outdoor seating available may still remain operational, while being sure to stick to state mandated guidelines. If you’re a restaurant owner that does not have any outdoor space, and therefore will not be able to remain operational during California’s shutdown, we may able to help! Send us a message HERE about using some of the outdoor spaces we have available at our venues to open up a pop-up restaurant.  


All Bars must shutter operations unless they serve food. If a bar serves food, they may remain open, but only if they have outdoor dining available. No indoor dining/drinking will be allowed. 

Offices and Other “Non-Essential” Businesses 

Offices and other non-essential business will remain open as long as they are not in a county that is on the state’s monitoring list. This means that hair salons, movie theaters, gyms, and other non-essential places will remain open, while observing safe social distancing practices. For the counties on the monitoring list, these places will all shut down, per Governor Newsom’s announcement.  

Monitoring List Counties 

If you live or work in a county that is on the monitoring list, that basically means your county is fully shut down again. The only businesses that are remaining open are essential ones, such as grocery stores and hospitals. Click HERE to see if your county is on the California Department of Public Health’s monitoring list.