NPU: In Case You Missed It…

Catch Up on What You Missed from April 2020 through June 2020 

Q2 was an interesting quarter for Non Plus Ultra. We were not able to hold any events at our venues due to the shelter-in-place, but we were able to get our venues ready to host events in the future by cleaning them up and putting in sanitation stations. We were also able to rediscover what makes NPU so special: our amazing venues! So read on to see what we were up to during the Q2 shelter-in-place. 

Ship Kits at the San Jose Armory 

While we were unable to do our typical events this quarter, we were able to bring in a nonprofit and put all of our extra space to good use. We partnered with Ship Kits to bring food and essentials to people in need all over San Jose its surrounding areas. This worked out well because we were able to help those in need, and the Ship Kits volunteers were able to volunteer while maintaining a safe distance of six feet from one another. It was a win for everyone involved. 

Exploring our Venue History at Home 

Since we had some extra time, we decided to dive into the history of our venues. While this isn’t event related, it was really interesting to see how far each one of spaces has come over the years. And it was particularly fun to revisit NPU’s takeover of each space. To read our venue history blogs, or any of our other blog posts, click HERE.  

NPU’s Return to the Office at the San Francisco Mint 

After working at home for a very long time, the NPU staff was finally able to return to the office in June. We have been working hard to think of ideas to get people into our venues in a safe way. While we’re eager to get people back into our spaces to host events, we want to make sure that we follow state guidelines. So for now, be sure to keep an eye out for NPU hosted events. They may be here sooner than you think!